How does it work?

Starts with a Confidential OnlineAssessment


Because you can’t improve what you don’t know

The first step to improve anything is to really understand anything, is to truly learn how does it works.

In the case of people and relationships, the basis to improve them is the same, we need to learn what motivates the people in the relationship, and how do they act on a normal basis. Because of that reason our first step is also to get to know you, by asking you to complete our online assessment.

Online Assessment

Our confidential online assessment will help us identify your values, preferences and what motivates you as an individual.

online_survey_icon_or_logo-svgFrom communication preferences and romantic behavior, to money management; our assessment can help us create your personalized report. Our assessment was developed using the latest worldwide studies in the fields of behavioral, and cultural research for couples; and it has been individually validated by thousands of participants everywhere.

Can you fail the assessment?

NO!, there is no pass-fail grades.

You don’t need to be perfect, we accept you as you are. It is not about measuring up or down against certain expectations, and actually trying to measure up to certain standards is what we believe it has resulted in so many failed relationships. 

Our assessment only measures your preferences against a set of options or choices. As an example we could ask you:

Please rate the following statements from Absolutely Disagree (1) to Absolutely Agree (5):

  1. I prefer vainilla ice cream over chocolate ice cream
  2. I prefer the color yellow over the color blue
  3. I prefer to wake up early every day over sleeping in every day

That is it! There are no tricky questions, there are no calculations, there are no complex equations to solve.. Simply choose your preferences and that is all.


Are you ready to take the first step?

Like most things in life, it is up to you.

We can provide you the information that can help you improve your relationship but the decision is up to you. All you need to do now is to make the decision and start working with your partner to build that future that both of you want.


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