About Us

Does anyone truly knows where their relationship is going?

Modern couples relationships are different from those of any previous generations. In the modern world, singles have very tight schedules, leaving little time to meet new people that can be potential dates. With the rise of technology, singles can now find and meet other singles using online dating services and apps.Today, people can meet on Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, Match, go to dates on Uber or Lyft, and vacation on AirBnB. But while it is getting easier to meet people and even to hook up, building a true long lasting relationship is getting harder by the day.

Relationships are about getting to know each other, and finding ways to navigate the challenges that you will face together. Modern couples need to learn how to deal with their growing careers, paying their school loans, and raising kids, but all of that requires them to figure out how all on their own (until now).

Just like everyone else, the founders of Kalorel faced these problems, and had to figure out all on our own. Because of that we decided that there could be a better way to build a relationship.



Based on the latest advances on relationship research, personal communication, and big data analysis, we developed the most comprehensive program designed to help modern couples deal with the challenges of modern relationships. Our program helps couples:

  • Work together to build better relationships.
  • Know what is important for them individually and as a couple.
  • Learn in which areas they are similar or different.
  • And how to deal with the three major potential causes of problems for their specific relationship.

We truly look forward to hear from you, and if there is anything we can do to help you, feel free to contact us at any time.

Jorge M. Ph.D.
[email protected]