Affiliate Dashboard

Have your friends ever asked you for relationship advice?

Do you want your friends to have a happy and successful relationship?

Relationships are one of the most important component of a happy and healthier life, and we all have been asked by a friend (or ten) to help them when they have relationship problems. In many cases all we can do is to simply “be there” and “to be supportive”, while many times we wish we could do more to really help them fix their problem.

This is your opportunity to truly help them by becoming part of our family of affiliate representatives.

An affiliate, what is that?

An affiliate is nothing more than someone who is willing to help his/her friends by letting them know about our solution.

Is there a cost to become an affiliate?

Absolutely NOT!, there is no cost to become one of our affiliates.

As a matter of fact, we want to thank you for becoming one. Since you are going to let your friends and family know about us, we believe that it is fair that you know what we have to offer. For that reason we want you to try our solution before you recommend it to anyone.

For a limited time, everyone who signs on for an affiliate program will automatically receive a coupon for a free Relationship Discovery Assessment ($100 value). All you have to do is to register below to become an affiliate, and we will send you a coupon so you can take the assessment for free.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, in addition to simply help your friends and family solve their relationship problems, as part of our affiliate program you will earn ($15) for each sale. We know that you’re not doing it for the money but, is our way to thank you for helping us share our message with others.

Become an affiliate today!

Our affiliate program registration will be open only for a limited time. If you act now you can get your free assessment, and start helping your friends when they come to you with their relationship issues.