Are you dating someone that you think is "the one"?

And you want to be sure this time "it works"?

"I don't care how hard is being together.. Nothing is worst than being apart"           

Josephine Angelini

Do you know what is the #1 cause of relationship failures?

Over 80% of relationship problems are due to "communication issues", and in many cases is not for lack of trying... Couples simply do not know how to communicate with each other.

Many of us spend over 15 years of our life going to schools to learn the skills we will need to be "successful" and believe that because we are taught how to read, write, and speak in the business world, we know "how to communicate".

If we are really learning to "communicate" in school, how is it that we fail so much as we try to be in a relationship?

In a relationship Communication is not about the language we use, or even in many cases about the words we use... 

Do you know someone who has been called "selfish" or "passive-aggresive"?... How about someone who has been told that "they don't listen", that "they don't put attention" or that "they are insensitive"

Successful relationships are those in which the partners understand that a relationship is not a "debate competition" where the winner takes the trophy and goes home... 

In every successful relationship, communication is focused on learning about each other, and helping each other understand your needs, preferences, and desires; and to be attuned to your partner preferences, needs and desires...

But that is something you don't learn in school, only through trial and error, and some people fail to learn it no matter how many times presented with the opportunity. 

Sometimes people "listen" to respond, but fail to "understand"

Communication "is not" a competition to see who wins.

Sometimes you need to "solve a problem" but not to "fix the person"

Have you ever asked yourself - What could I have done different?

The reality is that after a relationship fails, or sometimes just after we have a fight with our partner, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is "what could I have done different"?

During most of my life, I struggled to learn how to communicate better, and it took me a long time to realize what I was doing wrong. I thought that I was "communicating" just because I was talking, and saying what I thought was important.

But that was the problem.. It was about "what I thought was important for me" without really knowing what was important for my partner, and for that reason, never focused on the right issues (and without knowing them, I could not even attempt to solve them).

Success in a relationship is about learning how to communicate better with "the one"!

  • Over 80% of relationships fail due to "communication" issues. While all couples may have problems on their relationships at one point or another, successful ones are those who learn how to communicate on the right way.
  • Communication in a relationship is NOT something we can learn in school.There we learn about what works on the "business" world, but rarely about what works in our "private lives". Learning how to communicate in a relationship is usually a "trial-and-error" process for most people.
  • Every couple is unique and to be successful they need to learn how to communicate on "their" specific way. Relationships are not about finding "the perfect one", but in most cases about finding the one that "make us happy" and figuring out how to "make them happy as well"

The challenge with communication is that we're told we need to do it better,  but nobody tell us how...

Yes, you heard it before from your parents, you heard it from your teachers, and you even heard it from your friends all over; "You need to communicate better to be successful in life (and in your relationship)". The problem is that while everybody agrees with it, nobody tells you "how to communicate better"!

In many cases is not because people don't want to help you, or because they want to make it as difficult as it seems. The reality is that communicating in a relationship is a "unique" challenge, because "every relationship is different". That is why it is so hard for people to tell you exactly what to do, or what to say. The best they have been able to say is that you need to work it out.... But that is something you already know, and that you are already trying....

In a relationship, like in a dance "it takes two to tango".

One of the major challenges of communicating in a relationship is that the two of you need to be be "in the same page"; and that is hard to do when in many cases, people are not even "reading the same book"!

We all know that different from the way we communicate with our friends, with our family members, or at work; in a relationship, at the end of a conversation, you don't get to "close the book, and go home". In a relationship, you are home, and you two have to communicate to make it happen. The problem is "How do we make it happen in a relationship"?

There is a solution for those communication challenges .. The Communication Manual for Couples

The Communication Manual for Couples is the solution to the modern couples communication challenges.

The communication manual was developed to help couples learn about each other, and to improve the way they communicate with each other. It can help you:

  1. Learn about your own individual preferences: We can help you understand your personal preferences on the eight major components of a successful relationship.
  2. Learn the three major differences between you and your partner: Instead of trying to fix "everything", we can help you identify the three major differences between you and your partner.
  3. Learn how to work together to communicate better: In a relationship is not about who is right, or who is wrong, because in reality there is no right or wrong in many cases. It is about learning what is important for each one of you, and about how to work together by addressing the major differences, and simply learning to enjoy the little things that make your partner that "unique" person for you. 

See what some of our customers have to say:

"It's already been working miracles..."

"What we really liked about the report was how it allowed us to learn different things about each other in a different perspective. It got us talking immediately on we were more most compatible and we found the results to be surprisingly accurate.

Being more aware of where we disconnect allowed us to take a step back and reevaluate how we should go about solving the problems that arise between us. "It's already been working miracles"


"I really enjoyed being able to see in what areas we were more compatible and where we were completely different. The diagram was almost like a guideline on how we could better overcome problems and communicate more effectively."


Do you want to have a better relationship NOW?Kalorel™ Communication Manual for Couples

Now you can take the first step to have the relationship that you truly want

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't believe that the communication manual will help you improve your relationship over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"We look at it every time we think we may have a problem"

I liked so much that I simply put our graph in the cell phone and take it with me so I can look at it every time we seem to be having a problem.

Looking at the differences it helped us figure out if the argument or the issue is one of the major three problems and something we really need to work on it, or if is truly "nothing to worry about"?


Our friends really use it!

We went out on a ski vacation with a few other couples, and as it happens, one of the couples started to have a small discussion when she suddenly stopped and told him.. "You see, this is why you do that, but remember, I'm different.." .. It really changed from a discussion direction to .. What do we need to do to solve it... 


Communication Manual for Couples.  How does it work?

As we said before, because every couple is "unique" every single manual is also unique, and based on each specific couple characteristics. In order to do that, we have developed an online assessment that identifies the eight most important components of a successful relationship, which are:

Communication Style

Romantic Orientation

Focus on Family or Work

Authority Preferences

Trust and Security Preferences

Financial Orientation

People Orientation

Setting and Achieving Goals Preference

The online assessment is completely confidential and there are no right-or-wrong answers. We simply want to know what are your true preferences.. The questions are going to look like this:

Answer the following question choosing from (1) Always - to (5) Never 

Question: Do you always choose coffee over tea? ​

Once we know your individual preferences, then we can compare the responses of each partner to identify the three major differences between the two of you. 

In reality is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Register now and in 20 minutes, you can complete the online relationship preferences questionnaire. Your privacy is very important for us, and your information or personal data will not be shared with anyone.
  2. Each one of you will receive your own "Communication Manual" showing your own individual preferences as well as the three major differences between you and your partner.
  3. Once you are familiar with your own individual preferences, then you can sit down to talk with your partner and use this information to improve your relationship.

Learn how to communicate better in your relationship. 

Because you think "this is the one" you owe it to yourself to give it your best shot... 

"I don't care how hard is being together, nothing is worse than being apart.”