How to save your relationship: Dealing with emotional distance

For many couples of the primary reasons for relationship breakups is their failure to address each other emotional needs, and not because of the most commonly perceived communication, money, and trust issues. As part of being in a relationship the majority of people involved on a serious relationship are looking for more than just the satisfaction of their physical needs, but also of their emotional ones. Even those individuals that openly deny it, in many cases will “fall” for someone without even realizing the role that those emotional responses have on their perception of a relationship.


On her article Marriage is destroyed by emotional distance, Irina indicates that many modern relationship therapists have also identified the positive impact that a solid emotional connection on the partners can have on their overall ability to develop and sustain a successful relationship over time. Even when confronted with life challenges such as work, growing a family, or even with sexual intimacy issues, those couples that have an emotionally solid connection are better equipped to solve them than couples that do not.


How can you truly improve your relationship?


The reality is that an emotional connection is the sum of all of the factors that attracted you to your partner on the first time, combined with the couple ability to maintain them across time and conflicts. Successful couples are those who know how to clearly communicate with each other, share their needs and desires and look for ways to reduce conflicts. In other words, emotional connection is highly dependent on the partners ability to communicate.


The challenge with couple’s communication is that is not a topic that you can learn in school, or by trial and error. Every couple is a unique combination of two individuals, and the solutions that worked for your parents, siblings, friends, or even in your previous relationships may not work for you on this one (otherwise you will still be in your previous relationship).


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