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What is the Communication Manual for Couples?.

80% of couples break down because of Priorities, Money, or Trust issues.


The Communication Manual for Couples is the only proven solution that can help you identify and address the communication challenges that you will have in your relationship.


The manual was based on an analysis of the responses of over 50,000 individual participants.


Over 96% of people who have used the manual say that "it has helped them improve their relationship"

30 Days

We believe so much in our product that you have a full 30 days after you buy it to decide if it works for you.

How does it work?.

1) Learn

To start, you and your partner can take our easy 15 min online confidential relationship survey. Is not a quiz, is not an assessment, and we promise you there are no pass-fail grades. 

2) Identify

Based on your responses our algorithm will identify your individual preferences in the eight most important components of a successful relationship

3) Compare

Then we will compare your responses to those of your partner and we will identify the three major differences between you and your partner

4) Report

We will create and send you an individually customized report that shows your preferences, the three major differences, and includes the suggestions about how to address those differences

We are proud of our work helping couples.

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"What we really liked about the report was how it allowed us to learn different things about each other in a different perspective". It got us talking immediately on we were more most compatible and we found the results to be surprisingly accurate.

Being more aware of where we disconnect allowed us to take a step back and reevaluate how we should go about solving the problems that arise between us. "It's already been working miracles"



"I really enjoyed being able to see in what areas we were more compatible and where we were completely different."

The diagram was almost like a guideline on how we could better overcome problems and communicate more effectively.

Are you ready to build the relationship you deserve?

Over 80% of couples fail because of communication issues. 

This is your opportunity to start building the relationship you dream of.

Don't wait.


We would love to hear from you.