Intercultural Dating

Intercultural couples have to deal not only with the problems that normal couples do, but also with their own cultural differences.

Our Relationship Discovery Program for Intercultural Couples Can Help You.

Individual Cultural Preferences

You are a combination of what you learned from your parents, and your personal experiences.

Discover what makes you truly unique, and what is important for you in your relationship.

Who are you as a couple?

Discover what makes you a unique couple. 

A relationship is about building something together  by learning your similarities and differences. 

We can help you Discover 

how your Cultural Preferences

Impact your Relationship.



Your partner cultural preferences

Your partner is also a combination of what they learned from their parents, and their own personal experiences. 

Help them discover who they truly are.

The Three Major Differences

Discover the three major cultural differences between you and your partner.

And tips on how to address these differences so you can build the relationship of your dreams.

The only solution for the modern intercultural couples

Scientifically designed and tested using the latest advances in cross-cultural and personal relationships research.


Participant responses were used to develop the report


Different questions were considered as part of the survey development


Over 500 days of research and development work


Over 96% of our customers are very happy with their findings

Relationship Discovery Report 

Helping couples develop successful relationships across cultural boundaries

According to most experts, over 80% of relationships fail because of priorities, money, or trust issues.

You don't have to follow your genes, you don't have to follow your culture..

Discover how you can follow your heart, and be in love with the person you want.

Are you ready to start discovering what's important in your relationship?

Or do you prefer to wait until the next fight, to see if there is something you could have done?

Don't just take our word for it.

It's already been working miracles!


"What we really liked about the report was how it allowed us to learn different things about each other in a different perspective". It got us talking immediately on we were more most compatible and we found the results to be surprisingly accurate.

It was like a guideline on how we could overcome problems


The couples preferences diagram was almost like a guideline on how we could better overcome problems and communicate more effectively