Relationship Coaching Intake Questionnaire


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Kalorel Relationship Coaching Intake Questionnaire

While the completion of this questionnaire is not required for the introductory session, it is highly recommended.


In order to be effective, relationship coaches need to get to know you and your partner, what is important for you, and what can be causing problems in your relationship.


Normally this has been a slow process where the coach spend hours talking with the couple trying to draw out this information. In order to facilitate this process, we have developed our intake questionnaire designed to give us in 10 minutes or less the answers we need to help you develop a better relationship.


By completing this questionnaire we will be able to help you:


a) Understand what is truly important for you and your partner in your relationship

b) Identify the three most probable causes of conflicts between you and your partner in your relationship

c) Learn how to communicate with your partner and share what is important for you, and how to address thee three major areas of conflict.


Your answers will be completely anonymous and confidential (we will only ask you a name that you will like to use and an email address where we can send you the results of the analysis for your review).