How Healthy Is Your Relationship – Answer 2



You are in a good relationship

Just as it happens in life, you are in a good relationship with your partner, but things could be better sometimes.


All of our relationships are continuously  in flux and could potentially change. Problems at work, family demands, or even money could be creating problems without you even knowing it.  It's very possible for a great relationship to turn unhealthy as time goes on, but you are not there yet.


The fact that you are actually here it means that you are still mostly happy with your relationship and all you may need to do is to be able to talk with your partner about your feelings. He/she may be feeling the same and this may be your opportunity to work together to find a solution, or may not feel that at all and this may be all you need to have things back on track.

If you two find that you both have the same general impression, then the next step could be to talk with your partner to find out what is causing these problems, and how to solve them.

The challenge with talking about it is that many times we believe we have tried it but it on the past but it has not worked. This is because communication for couples is not something we learn in school, or in many cases not something we can learn from our parents, siblings, or friends. Every couple is unique on the way they interact, and what may work for one, may not work at all for others. For those couples that want to communicate better, we have developed our program:


The Relationship Discovery Report

The relationship discovery report is a proven program that can help couples:

  1. Understand what are their personal values and expectations on their relationship
  2. See the areas where their values are similar and where they are different
  3. Learn what are the three major differences between the two of you, and how you can address these before they become problems.