5 Rules that will get you a second date


You are ready to go on your first date (hopefully our previous articles helped you here), and now you may be starting to get nervous thinking on how to make it a 1st memorable date (as in what to do so you will get that very important second date – which may be harder to get than the first one).

Don’t worry, getting a second date is just about doing the right things on the first date, and here are some tips that can help you ace that first one and get your date interested in going out with you again.

  1. Pay attention to the 15 min rule – its all the time needed to know if they are really worth your time and effort.
  2. Be yourself – BUT, be the “positive” yourself. Nobody on the first date wants to know how bad was your workday or your boss.
  3. Hold out – Don’t overshare, don’t tell everything about your life, don’t answer all the questions. Make it clear that there is more about you, but that they need to work for it.
  4. Have fun – You simply need to have fun, remember is a first date, and not a work meeting. The worst that it can happen is that you don’t get a second date (so you better have fun on this one)
  5. Pick up the phone – and call (after the first date). Yes a phone call is more personal than a text msg (no matter how many emojies you may be able to put on msg).

So remember, be restpectful, go with an open mind, and have fun.

And .. if you got that first date, why don’t you let us know how did it went @kalorel, or in our facebook group kalorel.