Men: Dates are truly important to remember..

Yes guys some days are important, and you better remember them…

Photo by Marion Doss
Photo by Marion Doss

Many guys think (or like to say) that they don’t believe that remembering a specific day in the calendar is important, but the reality is that not even they believe it. Days are important for men as much as they are for women, even if they don’t think so because they focus on different ones. Do you need a proof, that’s easy, just ask any men:

  1. What’s your own birthday?
  2. When does their preferred sports (basketball, baseball, football) season starts?
  3. .. Do you really need a third question?

Research shows that marking important anniversaries can actually help strengthen the relationship. If a couple is having problems, taking the time to celebrate together will spark memories of those happy times they shared in the early days.

Talking about ‘the good old days’ can help remind a couple why the fell in love in the first place, helping them focus on each other’s good qualities, rather than any negatives that might be affecting the relationship now. It can help them reframe the relationship and look at things more positively.

Celebrations are also important for creating new memories. Relationships are built on memories and without them couples can actually find they run out of things to talk about.

So go out, pick the nearest significant day for the both of you, and figure out a way to celebrate it. I promise, it will make everything better.

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