What to do if disaster hits


If we look at the news today, it seems that natural or man-made disasters are happening more than ever today. From hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Maria, to the earthquakes in Mexico, or the current political crisis because of North Korea nuclear weapons; people are more exposed to the consequences of these disasters than ever.

While sometimes there is very little we can do to prevent being victims of one ( as in the case of an earthquake), at least if we have a plan we can do much better. If you are (or think that you may be) affected by a disaster of any kind, here are some quick tips that can help you build your own personal (and family) disaster plan:

  1. Make the plan, write it, share it with family and friends, and have it ready with you.
  2. Learn and decide where, what, when, how before the emergency hits. Where to go, what to bring, when to go, how to be ready.
  3. Be ready with your go-bag. Yes, disaster time is not the moment of start thinking on what you may need to take with you. Backpacks are relatively cheap, plastic bags are relatively cheap. Have a backpack ready with the essentials, everything in ziplog bags (so they are protected somehow) and have it ready (one for each familiy member).
  4. Stock up on essentials (and rotate them). We all know it, by the time a hurricane is announced there is a run on water, food, gasoline. Don’t wait until your gas tank is empty before you refill it, or you are out of water and food before you get the next week groceries done.
  5. Communicate and know how to do it if the normal means are not working. Do you have friends and family away from your potential disaster area, ask them if they are willing to be a contact point, and then share it with everybody.
  6. Stay safe, you’re not superman, or have any super-hero powers (if you do .. well better for you, but most people don’t). Don’t try to walk in the middle of a flooded street, don’t try to tie down your tree (or your boat) in the middle of a hurricane (it may be too late to save it, and it may cost you your life).

And overall, again.. Be sure to share these tips with your loved ones, friends and family. It may help them be ready before the next one hits.


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