First Date Ideas

The weekend is getting closer, and if you read our previous article about how to ask someone out, you may be getting ready to ask that special person for a date. Let us help you a bit more, here is a list of ideas that may help you get that “first date” that you are thinking on.

1. Dive In – Head to the Aquarium
2. Channel the Survivor in You – Go Rock Climbing
3. Strike Out! – Go Bowling
4. Step it Up – Take Dancing Lessons
5. Belt it Out – Karaoke, baby!
6. Red or White? – Go to a Wine Tasting event
7. Gaze at the Stars – head to a Planetarium
8. Eat-In – Cook a Meal together
9. Game on! – attend a Trivia Night at a bar
10. Go Back in Time – Jazz lounge or Speakeasy

And remember that is just a first date. Relax, have some fun, and do not come with any expectations for “what’s going to happen”. If it happens (whatever) is great, if is not, as long as the both of you have a great time that’s great.

Also, stay tunned for our next article.. Some ideas for the second date (yes, you may want to keep that in mind for that call after the first date) 🙂

And .. if you got that first date, why don’t you let us know how did it went @kalorel, or in our facebook group kalorel.