How to ask someone out

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Yes, we all have been there (men and women) and know how difficult it may be to actually ask someone (we care) out. But on the other hand, if you don’t try you will never know if they are also interested so.. Here are some tips that you can use to get over the “asking” jitters..

  1. couple_bar_300x500_260kDon’t be afraid of rejection: They may say no, but remember, that’s simply not the end of the world (.
  2. Be confident: Yes, you can be confident because that depends only on you (remember 1 above)
  3. Be specific: “Would you like to go to the movies on Saturday night”?, on that way they may tell you if they have plans and offer you an option.
  4. Find something in common: If s/he likes comedies, do not invite him/her to a horror show.
  5. Be casual: You want to get to know them better, that’s why you are asking. Don’t have second intentions for your first date (if it happens great, but by not having them you reduce the stress and expectations and may make it even better.
  6. Be respectful: Even if you know them really well, they are not obligated to change their lives to go out with you (even more if they don’t know you).

So go ahead, write the tips in the palm of your hand (or simply put them in your phone) and start asking (yes, even complete strangers). If you don’t ask you never find out if they are going to say yes. 

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