How to Manage a Long Distance Relationship

In the modern world, people are finding relationships across town, as easily as they find it across the world. People meet in high school, go to college in different cities, and may end working or living in different countries. Learning how to survive the physical separation is can be one of the most important skills for the very mobile millenium generation.

Photo by catlovers
Photo by catlovers

Some of the most important skills that you need to successfully navigate the time and distance are:

  1. Communicate, skype, what’sapp, call, tweet, instagram.. Find the way to communicate.
  2. Reassure each other, and laugh (a lot)..
  3. Visit, visit, visit.. A week, a weekend, a day, or simply a night.. Visit each other as much as possible
  4. Develop a friends support group, for those days.. yes you know..
  5. Have a plan of how and when you two will be together, because..
  6. Follow your heart, because at the end it is about you (and the two of you) not the rest of the world..
  7. Understand that you are going to fight and.. learn how to fight right.. and how to make up at the end of it…
  8. Have the right to miss each other, and to let the other person know..
  9. Surprise each other (as often as you can).. in any way you can…

Yes it can be hard to make a long distance relationship work, but people have been able to do it since .. well since the first darn caveman went out for a week chasing that mammoth.. If they did it, you can do it as well..


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