When you are in Love, Appearances don’t matter, opposites go well together..

Attraction and love are two very different things, and sometimes we focus so much on the former, than we forget that they are different.

In a social experiment, researchers asked adults and children to choose which persons they believe could be in a relationship together.. The kids choices and their reasons are .. simply great!



We all have seen it happen, and even it has happened to most of us at one point in time. You walk into a new place (bar, restaurant, or simply the office), there is a person you don’t know, but all you can think is WOW!!

Now is when the magic happens or not. You have to find the courage to walk up to that person and start talking with them, and then decide if you can confirm that first impression or not. And that’s where things get complicated.. Yes, you can call it chemistry, hormones, social pressure, or simply the effects of the ambiance around you. It does not really matters, that day, at that time, you found that this person is great, fun to be with, and you want to spend some more time with them.

There is nothing wrong with meeting new people and getting to know them. Now the trick is to be able to differentiate between attraction and love. And as important or more, to learn how NOT TO limit our options at love,  simply because of our pre-conceptions in regards to what is “attractive or not” at one point in time.. Let’s remember that while hairspray was very popular in the 80s someone showing up in public with one now, it will simply look ridiculous (well for most people at least).

So let’s remember that as the kids in the video say it..

“Appearances do not matter in love”

“Opposites go well together”

The trick to have love and a great relationship is communication, and that’s something that we all can get better at all the time.


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