Will my insurance pay for relationship coaching

Will My Insurance Pay for Relationship Coaching?

We all get it and can be honest about it, money does not grows in trees (usually) and it is one of the important topics that are part of the success or failure of most relationships. Basically, the only people who may not care about the cost of something are those who have so much that almost nothing is out of their reach. For the rest, money is important, we all pay a great deal for health insurance, and we all want our insurance providers to cover the maximum amount of services that we are entitled to.


Your health insurance benefits are limited to treatments that are considered a “medical necessity.” If you go for “couples’ therapy,” your therapist must bill for relationship problems and may have to identify and document that you may have a mental problem in order for him/her to bill your insurance company. In other words, health insurance will pay for insulin for a diabetic, but not for a nutritionist or an exercise coach that could help you improve your general health and prevent diabetes. However, it is important for those seeking couples therapy to understand what their insurance actually covers, and what it does not.


The simple answer is that “Most Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Relationship Coaching” because they don’t believe is necessary for you. 


“Your health insurance is like that. The benefits may be limited to treatment that is considered a “medical necessity.” Your health insurance will pay for insulin if someone is a diabetic, but will not pay for the dietician or gym coach to help them prevent getting diabetes on the first place

(or for your relationship coaching – since they are not the ones who will have to pay for the consequences of a failed relationship).”



The main reason is because they only cover the treatment of mental illness (and that’s because they are forced to do so). And for that reason, they want generalists who can treat a wide variety of mental health issues.


If couples therapy is all I do, I am a specialist and they don’t want me. They may want a marriage and family therapist (MFT) who can treat a variety of mental illness, but that’s not the same as a “couples’ therapist” believe it or not. MFT’s may specialize in couples’ therapy, but most have taken only a single course in graduate school. They are trained to treat a variety of mental illnesses, and that is why they are accepted on that insurance panel.


So, unless you have a specific mental issue that is affecting your relationship, insurance companies will not cover the cost of helping you improve your marriage. And if you do have a diagnosed specific mental issue, then you should work with your current counselor to understand and address the impact of that into your overall relationship.


So, How Much Does Relationship Coaching Cost Without Insurance?


A Better Question May Be: What is the value of having the right relationship for you?




Couples coaching can be demanding work and requires a unique skill set. Coaches must protect both parties’ well-being, continually check their own biases, and draw upon complex research in numerous fields. For this reason, many coaches charge more for couples coaching than they do for individual sessions(they are treating two people at the same time). 


The cost of relationship coaching, like the cost of individual therapy, varies with the clinician’s skill level, geographic location, and training. Famous and well-respected therapists typically charge more. People who live in areas with high incomes or a high cost of living should expect to pay higher rates.


And as with many other services, the answer is that the cost of relationship coaching depends on how complex the process is, the stage of your relationship, and any other factors that need to be taken into consideration (is there a family that needs to be considered, are there any kids, is there a health problem, are there any other issues). Relationships are complex, and addressing relationship challenges cannot be done in a vacuum.


That’s why we have three different programs for each stage of your relationship. Regardless if you are Dating, Engaged, or Married, we have a program that can help you.


  • Dating: If you are dating, you may only need to know how compatible you are and figure out if you and your partner are interested in learning how to compromise where needed as part of moving forward.
  • Engaged or Living Together: If you are living together or engaged, then you may need more time to learn how to communicate better and how to plan your future life.
  • Married: If you are married and need coaching, then you may have more complex issues and may need more time to identify and address them.


But the true answer to the cost of relationship coaching is that without the right support and guidance, many couples struggle for months, and sometimes even years, to try to figure out if they are on the right relationship, and/or how to “make it work”. Relationship coaching will help couples learn how to communicate better, deal with jealousy, work-life balance, money, setting goals, and even to make the best decision possible about their current relationships. Yes, relationship coaching is not a magic fix-it-all wand, but it will help you truly assess your relationship, and make the best decision possible about your future.